Glug Talk In Manchester

Well this was something I had never done before. Just before 2017 had started, I was sat down doing some work with my brother and said one of my new years resolutions is to just say yes. I was then just scrolling through my socials and got a tweet from @Glugmrc asking me to follow them, so I did. Not to long after, i received a message from a lady named Kat saying she had followed my work for a few years and wondered if I would talk at their next event which was held at Noho bar in Manchester. Well, I couldn't say no. The thought of it brought butterflies to my stomach and even though I knew it was a few months away I instantly got nervous soon as I replied saying I would. 

The weeks went by, and it was always in the back of my mind. What am I going to talk about? Are people even going to find this interesting? What if no one turns up? What if everyone walks out? I don't even like getting up in front of my friends to play charades! Just a week before the event Kat let us all know that the event had sold out! Not to put the pressure on even more or anything.. 

I did it, and loved it! I wont be adding 'Public Speaker' to my bio any time soon but I did really enjoy doing it. I will definitely be attending more of these events in the future, but in the audience. I received amazing feedback from the amazing creatives that were there and it really did help with my confidence. The other speakers were all incredible and its so amazing to see how we as creatives all go through similar struggles but all love it.

So here I am on the 9th February 2017 looking back at all these pretty faces, sharing my story on how I built a business on art and then using my experience in future businesses. 

Thanks for the awesome pic Drew!

Thanks for the awesome pic Drew!

Aymi Duignan