New Venture

Hey heyy!

Excuse the writing, i'm not the best!

So as you know it's been a little quiet on the art front. I haven't fallen off though, just fallen back a lil. I've been doing tons of commissions which is great fun, so i'll upload those when I can. 

Since June 2016 me and my brother have been working on something new. This is something that most people think 'Why is she doing something like this?' It's pretty crazy how life turns out with certain decisions that we make. Aymsdesigns was also an accidental business, it was something I enjoyed doing and turned it into my job. In the past two years I have set up a couple of business which many of you wouldn't know I have done, but this got me thinking... I love business! I have learnt SO much like you wouldn't believe, just by doing it. I may re-visit one day and tell you about my previous businesses but we will start with what I'm currently working on right now.

If you follow me on socials, (if you don't its @aymsdesigns) then you may have seen me getting a little over excited about shampoos and conditioners. So I can understand why anyone would be thinking 'Why is she doing this?' But my current business partner strangely had the same idea as my brother Liam, but on a bigger scale. We complimented each other very well as we could do the things she couldn't and vice versa. We have been working on this since June 2016, making this idea become reality.. It's been hard, frustrating, interesting, scary, exciting, fun, you name a feeling, we've felt it. Liam is a crazy talented designer, who has recently left his job to join this insane opportunity with me. 

What is this business? It's simple, it's easy, and the products are already something that you buy. We sell your favourite high street branded essentials, for men, women, baby's and house hold items all with huge savings. We are an online shop cutting out the middle man and shipping directly from the warehouse to you door. But not only that, we wanted to change the shopping experience. We have integrated a schedule system so you will never run out of your essentials again. You create your box or boxes, fill them with all the items you need and schedule for when you next want them to arrive. This can be changed at any time. Told you, it's simple. But now you will never have to worry about going to the shop for the deodorant you forgot, or squeezing the last bit of shampoo out. Our branding reflects us, so we are having a lot of fun with it, check out the socials @eashouk. We have created a beautiful box for your items to be delivered in (I'm obsessed with packaging, my brother is a genius with design) as we know that's important. The branding and creative part is where the fun was for me, and I know the same for my business partner and Liam. If we aren't having fun how can our customers? Yes, we have some huge competitors, but if we do this right it will be amazing! We think it's time for something new for all of our daily boring shopping experiences. 

Box design! It says ' I've arrived ' on the lid! I love it, do you?

Box design! It says ' I've arrived ' on the lid! I love it, do you?

Aymi Duignan